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Q: Are there Art Galleries where I can see and buy your art?

A: While we are waiting for a new gallery opportunity … My works are available DIRECTLY from my studio and at substantial savings until we contract with a new private gallery. We currently advertised on many major East Coast City Web Sites and Art Collectors Connections http://www.art-collecting.com/galleries_dc.htm with ads for Washington DC ~ Baltimore MD ~ Philadelphia PA ~ Wilmington DE ~ Northern VA ~ all of Maryland ~ all of New Jersey & NJ shore areas. We are in the process of having gallery representation in the areas above and also in NYC.

Prices for a small original 22 x 30 inch painting (about the smallest I do) and without a frame, starts at about $3,500.00 and as size goes up, so does the price. This does include an original separate 8 ½ x 11 inch embossed card-stock ARTIST’S BILL OF SALE and original “OWNERSHIP PROVENANCE REGISTRATION”. If we provide a frame selected by the artist, it is of Art Museum archival conservation quality framed to artist specifications, 100% solid opaque black painted hardwood (a simple opaque molding), all materials are acid free, using paper hinge & UV glaze. Sold with Wilbur M. Reeling’s chop mark and hand embossed and hand signed to guarantee this art work to be 100% authentic and the original by the hand of Wilbur M. Reeling. The original is signed and dated in pencil on front and can have a personal inscription on back. If there is any price consideration, rebate or discount it will be negotiated prior to approval, inspection and delivery.

Contact the artist. WILBUR M. REELING   e-mail:  BuyArt@wilburmreeling.com
(ask any questions and you will have a response within 24 hours)


:Q: What does the Chinese symbol mean that I see on Wilbur M. Reeling's art.

:A: "Guang" Chinese ideogram guang (meaning "to ramble") -- in which Abstract Expressionists saw calligraphic fluidity while writers perceived a picture-language of great poetic suggestiveness. Wilbur M. Reeling's art contains the symbol guang after 1/01/00.


:Q: What does the symbol mean I see that looks like a pyramid?

:A: chop, also derived from the Chinese, it is a pyramid with initials WR within.



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